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About Us

Kardiolita Hospital is a network of clinics, which brings together one of the best doctors in Lithuania and connects two Lithuanian cities - Vilnius and Kaunas. More than 400 doctors work in two cities, they specialize in more than 45 medical fields, provide more than 1,500 services - from consultations of general practitioners and specialised doctors to the most complex operations - to Lithuanian and foreign patients.

In Kardiolita Hospital:

  • The best-qualified specialised doctors perform counseling and treatment.
  • The detailed instrumental and laboratory tests are performed expeditiously using the modern medical equipment.
  • The full body examination is performed using the latest diagnostic methods, the individual research programs are created.
  • The preventive health checks are carried out, the observation of the pregnant women is implemented.
  • The surgical treatment services are provided: the day surgery (including minimally invasive) and the most complicated (third level) heart, orthopedic, plastic (aesthetic surgery) and other surgery.
  • Therapeutic treatment services are provided: the scheduled diagnosis of various diseases and scheduled treatment.
  • The rehabilitation services are provided.

 Kardiolita Hospital has long-term experience in treating international patients.



Laisvės pr. 64A, LT-05263 Vilnius

Phone +370 694 70170


Savanorių pr. 423, LT-49287 Kaunas

Phone +370 694 70170