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Plastic Surgery Abroad: Having Tummy Tuck And Tummy Liposuction On The Same Surgery Might Not Be a Good Idea

Most patients wanting to get abdominoplasty surgery done, consider going abroad for tummy tuck. Many times, a patient would want to have tummy tuck together with tummy liposuction in order to save time and cut down costs. 

However, most plastic surgeons advice not to rush and do both at the same time, because after having a successful tummy tuck surgery, tummy liposuction might not be needed.

Not only that – for patients who are not completely happy with their looks after the tummy tuck, it is possible to fix minor imperfections with the tummy liposuction.

“Having waited for almost a year after the tummy tuck surgery, I was not completely happy with the incision area and how it looked. Because I had planned to do liposuction following my tummy tuck abroad, I discussed this with the operating surgeon in detail. He has assured me that the incision area can be improved greatly with the liposuction, and that was true – with the perfect job on liposuction, my incision area was greatly improved and I am very happy with the results.” – says Martha from London, UK.

While liposuction itself is not considered to be a difficult surgery, it can greatly improve the condition of the problem areas after tummy tuck surgery.

“Most people deciding to go abroad for tummy tuck surgery are unsure of whether they should get the liposuction done at the same time. After the initial consultation with the operating surgeon, most patients decide it would be better to have it done separately. In many cases, they would not even need it later.” – says Andrius Jonutis, the General Deputy Manager at Kardiolita hospital in Vilnius, Lithuania.

At Kardiolita Hospital, tummy tuck surgery price starts at 1900 Eur. Plastic surgeries are performed by the most experienced surgeons having 15+ years of experience operating daily. Plastic surgery prices are significantly lower than in the UK and Scandinavian countries - patients save up to 60% depending on the type of the surgery.

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