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Kardiolita Hospital Gets Reaccredited by the JCI Assuring the Highest Quality of Medical Services

Kardiolita Hospital Gets Reaccredited by the JCI Assuring the Highest Quality of Medical Services
JCI – Joint Commission International – accreditation is considered the gold standard in global health care, and JCI accredited hospitals in Europe and worldwide is always the first choice for many International patients seeking medical treatment abroad.

To be accredited by the JCI, a hospital needs to meet a list of criteria, and work by the highest standards and ethics. Kardiolita Hospital in Vilnius, Lithuania, was initially accredited by the JCI in 2013, making the hospital become the part of the elite 800 hospitals worldwide confirmed to provide the highest quality of medical services. However, getting accredited is just the first step – keeping the accreditation is what confirms the hospital keeps on working by the highest standards. Every hospital wanting to keep the accreditation, needs to get reaccredited every 3 years.

In January 2017, Kardiolita Hospital’s processes such as international patient safety goals, patient evaluation and care, anesthesia and surgical care, medication management, prevention and management of infections and many others, were re-evaluated by the team of International experts. After a thorough preparation process, the hospital was confirmed to perfectly meet all the standards and requirements, and was reaccredited by the JCI and given the rights to use the Gold Seal of Approval®.

“Being accredited by the JCI, to us, is a confirmation of our never ending effort to provide the highest quality of services. To our patients, our JCI accreditation is an assurance that when choosing Kardiolita Hospital for their medical treatment abroad, they will be getting medical care in the hospital that is committed to provide safe and effective patient care, meeting the highest standards, and will get the best possible care, lowest risks and the best service.” – says Andrius Jonutis, the General Deputy Manager at Kardiolita Hospital in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Being recognized as one of the best private general hospitals in Lithuania and the Northern Europe, Kardiolita Hospital offers very competitive prices for medical services, allowing patients to save up to 60% compared to private treatment in the UK, Scandinavian or other European countries.